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If you are planning to relocate to the Miramichi, then I am someone who will work tirelessly in obtaining you your home and I will always be available to answer your real estate concerns. I was born, raised, and schooled in the area and have an excellent reputation in dealing with clients and their real estate needs. Ready to work for you!!


55 Old Ferry Rd  (Suite 305)
55 Old Ferry Rd (Suite 305)

55 Old Ferry Rd (Suite 201)
55 Old Ferry Rd (Suite 201)

1 Sutton Road
1 Sutton Road

1991 Hwy 118,  Doyles Brook
1991 Hwy 118, Doyles Brook


1 Sutton Road - Waterfront Property
1 Sutton Road - Waterfront Property

Welcome to a beautiful executive 2-storey home rich with Victorian character located along the picturesque Miramichi River.

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My Kijiji Listings
My Kijiji Listings

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Miramichi Properties
Miramichi Properties

Are you looking for a home or piece of property on the Miramichi.   I may have what you are looking for!


Home Buyers Roadmap WHAT TYPE OF MORTGAGE IS BEST FOR YOU? • Fixed rate mortgages: Your interest rate is locked in for a specified period called a term. Your payments stay the same for the mortgage’s term so you will not pay more if interest rates increase over time. • Variable rate mortgages: Rate of interest you pay may change if rates go up or down. • Conventional mortgages: Require a down payment of 20% or more of the property’s value. You are not required to get mortgage default insurance with a conventional mortgage. • Closed mortgages: The mortgage cannot be paid off early without paying a prepayment charge. • Open mortgages: A mortgage that can be paid off at any time during the term, without having to pay a charge. The interest rate for an open mortgage may be higher than for a closed mortgage with the same term.

1991 Hwy 118, Doyles Brook - Located 10 minutes from Quarryville Bridge is a spectacular Waterfront Property consisting of 8 Acres.

Home Buyers Roadmap CONSIDER MORTGAGE OPTIONS A mortgage is a loan, generally used to buy a property. How much you pay depends on how much you borrow (the principal), the loan’s interest rate, and how long you take to pay it back (the amortization period). Do not be afraid to negotiate interest rates and mortgage terms with different lenders. They are offering you a product and talking to more than one lender helps you make an informed decision.


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Find homes for sale in Miramichi by real estate agent Jessie McKenna. Jessie enjoys living in Miramichi and believes a good real estate consultant knows her community inside and out. Jessie has real estate listings in Miramichi including residential, commercial, land for sale and waterfront homes. She keeps up with the latest market happenings and you can call her whether it's for a real estate question, or a free market analysis.